Frozen Dreams 冰雪梦想

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  “He shoots he scores! They have just won the Stanley cup! Unbelievable!” These are the words replaying over and over in every young Canadians head as they lace up the skates. Every minute of every day is just another step closer to fulfilling the dream of playing ice hockey professionally. I also had the fantasy of playing in the NHL, luckily I was never destined to be a Hockey star and retired the goalie pads to the attic in high school. Even though my dream had ended, my love for the game of ice hockey will be with me forever and is currently being relived through my nephews. Returning to Ottawa for Xmas, my brother and I made what every Canadian boy dreams to have, a backyard hockey rink.


  (Ash, Michael and I buying the wood at for the rink 哥哥,侄子和我在为冰球场买木料)

  With 99% of China’s population living in apartments there really isn’t any concept of a “backyard”. So in returning to Canada being able to play in my nephew’s backyard was a real treat. I assume the equivalent of having a backyard ice hockey rink in China would probably be having your own personal badminton court in your apartment. Anyways, building the interstellar rink was as simple as researching a “how to build your backyard hockey rink” You tube video and a couple trips to the hardware store.


  (Before 建造前)

(After 建造后)

  Even in -20 degree weather we still are excited to kick the kids out to the rink to skate and play hockey. In the battle against electronics (Video Games), every chance we get will push them to get outside and play with hopes of starting a habit of exercise and health. Even in the outdoor heaven of Canada it’s hard to kid people outdoors to exercise and do sports. I can relate cause when you are grown up in outdoor heaven one will take it for granted, fortunately for myself I’ve spent 14 years in China so now when I return to Canada I spend as much time as I can outside!


  Check out the video link to the finished Hockey rink in motion HERE (看看冰球场的成品视频在这里)

  Completion of the “Frozen Dreams” backyard hockey rink, I can’ t help to fall back to the dreamy state of hoping one my nephew’s will become the next Wayne Gretzky. Kaleb? Probably not, Michael? Maybe… Liam? Definitely!


  (My nephews Liam and I after he scored a goal in his hockey game, he's 7 years old)


  Chelsey “Born outdoors” Mark


  注:韦恩·道格拉斯·格雷茨基(Wayne Douglas Gretzky,1961年1月26日-),加拿大著名冰球运动员,现任NHL菲尼克斯野狼队主教练。格雷茨基被许多人认为是冰球史上最伟大的运动员,他曾经率领爱民顿油人队4次夺得斯坦利杯,9次当选MVP,10次获得得分王头衔,他保持着40项常规赛纪录、15项季后赛纪录和6项全明星赛纪录。格雷茨基是唯一一位在一个赛季常规赛中得分超过200的运动员(他曾4次做到这一点),得分100以上的赛季有15个,其中有13个是连续的。他的号码99号,已经被NHL正式宣布从联盟中退休。

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