It's not your fault 这不是你的错

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  Which picture do you choose?




  (My Canada home, brother's backyard in Halifax)




  (My China home, Beijing)


  It's not your fault you live in a city populated by 3 million people, and in the great words of Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak ridge I requite: ”Adapt, overcome, improvise”. No more whining and complaining about pollution, too many cars and people etc. Just step outside and get on with your training. Here are just some small tips to help you out along the way!

  生活在一个300万人口的城市不是你的错,我记得伊斯特伍德在伤心岭的名言:“适应,克服,凑合”。别再发牢骚,也别再抱怨污染,别再抱怨太多的车和人等,就这样走出去开始你的训练,这里有一些户外运动的小技巧 。

  TIPS for outdoor lovers in the Cement City:


  1.You wanna live to 50? Before you go outside to play always check the pollution index. Keep in mind that the pollution index is probably not the 100% reading depending on where the index info is coming from and where you live in the city. For me personally I run when the index is anything below 150.

  1、你想活到50岁?那你在出去玩之前,一定要经常检查空气污染指数。需要注意的是, 污染指数也许并非百分百取决于你住的地方和你所在城市的索引信息。对我个人而言,污染指数在150以下我一般都会出去跑步。

  2.Masks aren't as fun as the superhero's make them look. I have a doctor friend here who advised me that any pollution your lungs can't flush out no mask can help either. So if you are wearing a mask in hopes of protecting yourself from pollution, then your just kidding yourself because the really harmful pollution particles are so small they will go straight through our mask. Apperently the only masks which can protect are basically the full face gas masks which they go to war with….


  3.H2O the vitamin of the gods. Stop listening to all the merchandising around eating certain vitamins and food for detox, the most reliable and cheapest form of detoxing out all the pollutants into your system is water! Your body will flush everything out by itself but you need to keep refueling it with good ol H2O. At least 3 litres of water a day, and that means drinking plain water! (water just means water, doesn't include coffee, coke, sprite, tea, Gatorade, etc)

  3、H2O是众神的维生素。不要听信那些靠吃某些维生素和食物来排毒的说法, 最可靠和最便宜的排毒方式就是水!你的身体系统将排除自身不需要的东西,而你需要做得就是保持体内充足的水分。每天至少喝3公升的水,这里的水只是指饮用水!(水就是水,不包括咖啡,茶,可乐,雪碧,佳得乐等)

 “Livin in life in HD.”



  (Riding my 28" every day in Beijing, yes it’s a bicycle!)


  (Playing with my nephews on our backyard rink in Canada)


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