Running from fear.. 逃避恐惧..

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  Fear is once again the biggest motivator. After running a personal best 21km of 1 hour and 50 minutes in the Puma Taipei Night run I had been wondering about the reasons why I ran so fast? I thought of many possibilities: Am I in better shape than before? Was the course conditions easier? Or maybe running eased the pain of my current stomach problems? (That day I had an upset stomach) Weighing out all the possibilities it still came down to FEAR being the greatest motivator.

  恐惧再一次成为最大的激励因素。在Puma 台北荧光夜跑(Puma Taipei Night Run)中跑出了个人21KM最好成绩——1小时50分之后,我一直很想知道是什么原因能让我跑的如此之快?我想到了很多可能性:我是不是比以前更有型?是不是比赛线路条件更容易(获得好成绩)一些?或许跑步缓解了我当时胃部的疼痛问题(那天我胃部感到不适)?衡量了所有的可能性,归根到底是因为恐惧成为最大的动力因素。

  When talking about fear as a motivator it is actually a lot of small fears combined into one monstrous motivator.


  1)Representing the celebs: The group we came to Taipei with was a cornucopia full of runners from different regions with Chelsey being the only celebrity in the group. So representing the celebrities around China had to put in a good score so we didn’t appear lame!


  2)You represent PUMA? We had been in to Taiwan from the mainland to take part in and represent the mainland in Puma’s own night run. This was the first time Puma brought a group of runners in from the mainland to participate, so I also had the fear of failing to show we were the right people to represent the runners from the mainland.


  3)Fans see everything: My fans follow everything I do. Not only my fans but other clients which are mostly related to sport. For Chelsey to show up and not run a good score has fear of damaging my own brand.


  4)Personal fear: Fear of not being able to sleep the next couple nights in fear of not giving 300% effort into the task at hand. My personal quote of life is “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”


  What fears do you have while exercising?










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