“Don't fear change, embrace it!”

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  As a growing athlete you will see many changes in your body and the sports you are be interested in. The best thing you can do for your spirit and body is to only participate in the sports and activities you are interested at the time being. For example I’ve played hockey since I was a child but have found that over the years the itch to play hockey comes and goes, so I only play hockey when I really have the urge to.


  (Chelsey is the brown kid in the middle with the goalie pads on!)


  Lately I had the opportunity to sign up for our Beijing hockey league season which, I at first jumped at the chance at and told the organizer I was in! The day after, I played a small scrimmage and bumped into my old teammates from several years before and spread the news of returning to the league. To my surprise he said, “Well if you are going to play you better be committed to coming to every game!” Reacting to his response it occurred to me at my age playing hockey is only fun “on MY clock”, which means when I get the craving to play hockey I’ll go and play, if it’s organized and becomes a responsibility it’s not fun anymore.


  (Our Team in the finals in our ice breaker tournament)

  Ice breaker锦标赛决赛期间我们的球队

  The point I’m trying to make is to ensure your pleasure is maximized is to know which sports you are interested at the current moment. Even though I didn’t commit to playing the entire season I still chose to play in a fun tournament called, the ice breaker and had a blast! Also have decided to play on pick up nights when I get the urge to play hockey.

  我试图说明的一点就是确保你快乐最大化的方式是哪一项运动是你当下最感兴趣的。尽管我不赞成打整个赛季的比赛但我还是打一些娱乐性的比赛,ice breaker就玩得很开心!同样当我特别想打冰球的时候我会选择一些晚上去玩。

  (Hockey will always be a part of my life, but on MY clock!)


  Not when you were 12 years old, not last year, I’m talking about right now! What gets you excited and what sport do you want to play right now? 


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