“Fun is the best excuse!”有趣才是最好的借口!

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  The best workouts are when you are having fun with your friends and moving around. The happiest and fittest people in the world are the ones who meet with their friends to go and exercise. I know what you are thinking, “my friends won’t like to meet me to exercise!” Well exercise comes in all different forms, for example hanging at the pool!


  Good excuse to go the pool, eh?去泳池是个好的主意,对吧?

  To keep you moving and having some fun there are plenty of things to do at the pool.


  1) Swim laps: At almost every pool there will be at least one lane for swimming laps, so in between chatting with your friends just go and swim some laps quick, 10-20 minutes should do the trick.


  Doing some laps before the friends arrive at the pool!在朋友到之前去游个几圈吧!

  2)Play: At the pool there are tons of fun games you can play with your friends or even with kids just chilling at the pool. When you are happy and playing in the water you are burning calories and getting a good workout, believe me you will tire out before the kids do!


  Letting the kids win the water fight! 让孩子们享受水战的乐趣吧!

  3): Relax in the Sun: Slap on some tanning oil and let your body soak up all the energy and vitamins from the sun! Contrary to popular belief the sun is good for you and while you are getting a great tan you will also be burning calories, so relax and lay back and soak up the natural energy!



  Enjoy the scenery.享受风景

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