The POWER of Travel

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  The POWER of Travel.


  (Chelsey running on the highway close to the airport in San Francisco)

  Lately took a spontaneous trip to San Francisco to hang out with my brother who was there for a dental conference. This would be my second time coming to San Francisco as the first time I had shot a Harley Davidson TV program back in 2009. Having working out and doing sports since I was small, it does get a bit monotonous so switching up the environment delivered a big boost of energy!


  (My brother and I trying hot yoga for the first time ever!)

  If you are bored and have no energy to exercise, I advise for you to take a break and travel somewhere! This is the fun conclusion I had while travelling to San Francisco. Forcing yourself into a place where the energy of the destination will raise you to a new level and introducing you to new sports and activities. This was the case with my brother introducing the idea we go to hot yoga. I had never tried hot yoga before so I was excited and nervous to try, now I’m addicted to Hot yoga!


  (Ash and I at the Golden Gate park)

  Never underestimate the power of walking! In choosing walking over bicycling or taking the care is also an underrating form of exercise. While we where in San Francisco we walked on average 10-15km each day just wondering around downtown and at tourist destinations. Friendly advice is just get out the door and walk!


  (At the Golden Gate Bridge)

  The moral of this story’s blog entry is while traveling and moving to another environment will spark your energy to try new things. For example I have lived in Beijing for more than ten years and here in Beijing are tons of hot yoga places, but I not even once had tried it! My advice is to change your environment and get out there, it will rejuvenate your drive to exercise!


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