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       Fans of Apple first saw the new Apple Watch when it was revealed last September, so when this new piece of gear took center stage today in San Francisco, California, runners were eager to hear about the nitty gritty details.


        Apple CEO Tim Cook finally revealed the biggest details about Apple Watch, doing his best to answer some of the nagging questions: How does it work? Is it any different from other smartwatches on the market? Are there any other cool features that make you feel like James Bond?
        苹果公司首席执行官库克(Tim Cook)最终透露了关于苹果手表的细节介绍,尽他自己最大努力去回答一些唠叨的问题:它是如何工作的?它与市场上其他智能手表有什么不同?它有其他炫酷的功能让你立刻感觉像是詹姆斯邦德吗?

        Here are the main takeaways endurance junkies should know about after Apple Spring Forward keynote event.

        What does it track?

  There are two main apps on Apple Watch to pay attention to: the Activity app and the Workout app. The Activity app is similar to other fitness trackers on the market that monitor your daily movements, though this shows your daily progress in three colored rings. The Move ring tracks your calories, the Exercise ring looks at your amount of brisk activity, and the Stand ring shows you how much time you’ve spent on your feet as opposed to sitting. You can set your own goals for each ring, and those can be updated by you or suggested by Apple as a form of motivation.

       The Workout app is what you'd want for a run or bike ride. You'll get information like your time, distance, pace, and calories burned, just as any other fitness watch offers. It also stores your latest or best workouts, providing you with virtual pats on the back, new goals to hit, and updates along the way. 
       The back of the watch also has four infrared and visible-light LEDs that track your heart rate. Combined with the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and your iPhone's GPS, this allows the watch to piece together all of your health information.



  苹果手表支持的两大应用软件需要关注:活动应用(Activity app)以及锻炼应用(Workout app)。活动应用类似于市场上其他健身活动追踪器,能监控日常运动,但你的每日进度是通过三个不同颜色的圆环来表现。“Move”圆环记录你的卡路里,“Exercise”圆环查看你的激烈运动数量,“Stand”圆环记录你用多少时间站立。你可以对应每个圆环来设定自己的目标,这些信息根据你自身和苹果的建议更新,以此作为激励的一种形式。


  手表的后面有四个红外线和可见LED灯来跟踪你的心率。结合内置的加速计、陀螺仪和你的iPhone GPS,这样可让手表整合所有关于你的健康信息。

  Great. So I can replace my GPS watch?

  Not unless you like running with your phone. It hasn’t been a secret, but there is no integrated GPS in the watch as you'll find in most basic running watches or new daily fitness/endurance sport trackers.

  If you want the ability to track your distance, route, pace, or have a handy Apple Map on your wrist as you move around the world, you'll need to have your iPhone with you and pair the devices through Bluetooth. It also wasn't announced how Apple Watch Sport does in water. Cook said earlier this year he's been showering with it, but there wasn't any mention of swimming with the watch or how it would do in a downpour.





  What else can Apple Watch do?

  Beside tracking your health, many innovative features make Apple Watch stand out. First, it can store music on the watch, so that doesn't have to be linked to your phone.

  “Glances” is a feature that lets you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see basic information like your heart rate, control your music, check weather, or read texts and emails. (You can use Siri to respond to texts.) Any notification you receive on your iPhone you can also receive directly on the watch, so you can get updates on your favorite sports teams, receive social media notifications, and so on.

  “Digital Touch” is another touted feature that allows you to share your heart beat, draw a picture, or grab somebody's attention with simple taps of the screen. Calling an Uber, using the watch as a hotel room key, and using Apple Pay all can be done right from the watch. Many other apps have been developed for the launch of the watch as well, all of which can be stored on the home screen.




  “Digital Touch”是另外一个受吹捧的功能,它能分享你的心跳、图画、或简单敲击屏幕来获得关注。叫出租车,替代旅馆房间钥匙,或是使用Apple Pay 购买产品,所有的一切都能通过这个手表来实现。许多其他适用于苹果手表的应用程序也已经发行,所有程序都可以存储在主屏幕上。

  Will the battery last?

  One of the big challenges with any smartwatch is making the thing last without needing a frequent charge. If you're planning on using Apple Watch for your next marathon (or half), you might want to rethink that.

  Cook announced all-day battery life of “18 hours” for most people, but he was quick to gloss over whether that was with heavy use or not. Reports have mentioned the watch might struggle to hold a charge for several straight hours of regular usage. All-day heart rate monitoring might not be in the final version of the piece if there are concerns with battery life. So you're definitely going to need this to charge overnight (goodbye to sleep tracking for now) and likely give it some juice after a workout.




  库克曾宣布,“对大多数人来说,苹果手表的全天电池寿命是18个小时。” 但在被问到是否大量使用仍然维持18个小时,他很快掩饰过去。一些报告已经提到手表可能难以保持连续几个小时的正常使用。如果考虑到电池寿命的话,全天的心率监测可能不是最终版本。因此使用前你一定会给它整夜充电或在运动完以后给它充一会电。

  How do you use the thing?

  Ah yes, how do you actually interact with something a quarter of the size of your iPhone 6+? It has a touchscreen that can tell the difference between a touch —a more forceful push called "Force Touch"—and a simple tap for specific controls.

  Because there is no pinching or expanding the screen, the best way to maneuver through the screen is with a dial on the side of the face that Apple calls the “Digital Crown.” You’ll have access to Siri, who can guide you through life with the built-in speaker and microphone, and you’ll receive feedback and notifications by what Apple calls its Taptic Engine

  And expect to have your iPhone around to use the Apple Watch through Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. (You’ll need any generation iPhone 5 or higher.)


  是的,你如何操作屏幕只有iPhone 6+ 四分之一的苹果手表?它拥有一个触摸屏可以识别一般的点击和滑动,同时还可以识别不同力道的“触碰”。

  因为没有收缩和放大屏幕的功能,控制屏幕的最好方法是通过侧面的转盘,这个被苹果称之为“Digital Crown (数字触摸)”的应用。你将可以使用Siri系统,通过手表内置麦克风和扬声器对你进行引导。你可以收到回复和通知,通过被苹果称之为“Taptic Engine(点击引擎)”的应用。



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